Why the jack-it-bag is the new breed of it bag

Why the jack-it-bag is the new breed of it bag

Although many are not privileged enough to actually own one, every fashion conscious woman will be very aware of what the ‘it’ bag is. This term, used by voices of authority in fashion magazines and high-traffic blogs alike, is used to describe a handbag of status. A bag that is instantly recognisable as being from one of the most in-demand designers and ultimately, a popular best seller that is seen on the arms of the most influential fashionistas. The likes of Chanel, Hermes and Louis Vuitton have all designed one of these desirable accessories which have fast become a timeless staple of any sophisticated wardrobe.

The launch of the Jack-it-bag is set to re-define what the ‘it’ bag stands for, offering something unique to anyone that owns one. Something that extends far beyond simply bring a lusted-after piece of arm candy. While it may not follow the existing formula of other ‘it’ bags, it would be impossible for the Jack-it-bag not to fall into this category, and yet it is set to give a whole new meaning to these two little letters.

But what will it mean to you?

Those looking for a simple solution to keep both their belongings and temperature safe on cold nights out may refer to the Jack-it-bag as the Instantly Transformable bag. As when it isn’t a stylish, bucket style shoulder bag, a few simple folds and zips can turn it into a beautiful bomber jacket. Anyone who uses this new breed of it bag will still stand out amongst the crowd, just as they would with a Birkin or a 2.55, remaining effortlessly cool and confident by staying comfortable and warm, as opposed to shivering and cowering in the cold.

Alternatively, the Jack-it-bag could be the essential International Travel accessory, being the perfect accompanying item for any cosmopolitan lifestyle. Whether your soul-searching journey is taking you to the beach, an urban city, a tropical island or bustling highlands, the Jack-it-bag is the only travel essential needed to keep vital tools safe, while remaining lightweight enough to be worn on any adventure, and ensuring that all weather conditions are covered.

The Jack-it-bag is far more than just simply a jacket, or a bag. It is the new breed of ‘it’ bag. But exactly where it will take you is in your hands!

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