What are you getting your daughter for Christmas this year?

What are you getting your daughter for Christmas this year?

Christmas is just around the corner, bringing with it a season of fun and festivities with friends and family. However, while there is lots of merriment to look forward to, the task of present shopping can quickly turn from a fun activity to dreaded event, especially as the 25th looms ever closer…

Very young children are easy to buy for, with a whole host of new toys being released around this season that will cause little eyes to light up with joy when they open their packages. But when your tiny princess grows up into a queen with attitude, it can become much harder to provoke the same sense of excitement.

Although it should be said that, of course, Christmas is about more than just present giving, the fact remains that this is a tradition that most families  partake in. And while evidently money is going to be spent, purchasing misjudged gifts that are not well received can result in expense being wasted that could have, with a little research, been put to much better use!

Don’t get confused over the Christmas list this year – here are some gift ideas that will please daughters with even the most discerning taste!


Perfume is, quite simply, the perfect gift. A little too expensive to buy as a personal treat, but something that is worn by women every day, it will be hard to go wrong with this little bottle of luxury. Take a look at the types of smells that she already wears, or even ask her to point out a few bottles that she would like, so there is still an element of surprise over which one she will actually get. Make sure that you love the scent too, as you’re sure to be smelling it all throughout Christmas day once she opens this gift!


There is something cosy and heart-warming about Christmas, making comfortable, snuggly nightwear a popular present at this time of year. Unlike other types of fashion, pyjamas and sleepwear are only worn indoors, removing the risk of buying a style that will never be worn.


Both practical and essential, all women will use a bag on a day to basis. But unlike pyjamas it can be difficult to choose the right style of bag that your daughter will actually wear. The Jack-it-bag could be the perfect choice for anyone searching for a gift that is a little bit different, unique and stylish. Whether you choose to present this gift to your daughter in its bucket bag or bomber jacket form, both styles tick all the trend boxes to please her this season. Similarly, whether or not she prefers to wear it as outerwear or a bag, you can stay safe in the knowledge that she will always be prepared for wherever her exciting life takes her!

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